Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm so super happy today cause my boss called me
and tell me i actually pass my exam!
yes, i was supposed to pass half a year ago
but unfortunately i fail!!
anyway, after struggling for the long 6 months
finally i can get my $$$$$$
oh i LOVES $$$$$
*wiNk wiNk*
too happy till I'm out of words

Sunday, June 22, 2008

If we ever seperate,
It'll have to be certain fate.
No matter what,
your my best friend,
As the chant goes'Forever to the end'.
You are my very best friend...
When we fight,I fight tears.
Not to mention my fears of losing you,
We may grow apart,
And drift away,
But I will always remember you as my best friend forever.
Like the chant goes,
Forever 'till the end,
You'll always be my best friend..
Our friendship is an ocean,
Far and wide
Never ending
Filled with memories
That last a lifetime..
Those sweet memories were gone,
for you've found someone better than before
it might hurt a little
but there's nothing we can do nor say,
this is life
as we grow older,
more choices will be seen
as for me,
there's no one who can replace
'the special in you'
i'm wishing you the very best
from the bottom of my broken heart
''Friendship is like money, easier made than kept''


happy huh?
win RM421??
but you'll ended up losing RM4210!!
it's true...
i learn from my biggest mistake,
don't think of getting a free lunch by gambling online
it's NOT true...
sobs,, i lose quite a big amount because of the fucking bet
but no one to blame..
blaming myself

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday
Esther Jong
May all your dreams come true =))

Barbecue at her house..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

i don't know why on earth do we have lizards everywhere!
when i was in singapore, remember that i mention we went to East Coast??
since that day,
i've been meeting lizards everywhere i go!!
god damn it,,,
here's how it started!
we went to Subway@ East Coast..
i was sitting next to my baby then suddenly a baby lizard crawl onto my hand!
i don't know where the fuck did that small lizard come from!
ok fine, then i change place!
the i ask them to leave!
so everything was fine already until i came home!
at my baby's place..
i flushed down the drain (*toilet* the hole where dirty water goes)
and it keeps coming back!
then i ignore once again, when i pick up my laptop on the floor
the bloody baby lizard appear again!!
*picture shown above!*
it's exactly that kind of lizards!
until today the fucking lizards still can be seen!! grrrr how do i get rid of it??
anyone help???
i felt so disguised!

Friday, May 30, 2008

One of my fun-ness night ever!!
together with my mum, aunty, uncle, cousins..
LOVE them all!!
unforgettable night =)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

some random shots..
just want to update my blog

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Celebrating my baby's birthday at

Ministry Of Sound (M.O.S)
was having lotsa FUN!!!!
enjoy the pictures~

We went to east coast, that's where eric works..
it was fun actually cause you get to play roller skate and also cycling
but we need to rent..
that's my 1st time playing roller skate and it's really tiring!!
we skate for about 2 hours before we reach our destination
where we have our dinner!
as a newbie, i fall once only..
it's really not bad since it's my 1st time
BUT the one time really hurts badly!
it was indeed a wonderful experience!

Wong Kok @ Bugis Junction..
some of the food there were nice
but some sucks to the max!
well, i went there twice during this trip..
1st time was with the whole gang and another time was with ah bii and his gf..
the whole gang went on 18 May which was my baby's actual birthday..
so we FREE Asian Giant Size Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea
it seriously very BIG!
there were about 10 of us but we cannot even finish it
even though we kept re-filling but it will never finish!
okay, the second time we went,
ah bii ordered an alien drink that cause him a very bad stomach ache!
it's something called, red shoe ballet or i can't really remember..
overall rating 7.5/10

Top One KTV
it was the craziest night ever!
i was so drunk at the end of the night!!
all thanks to the Black Label and Tequila Pop!
let the pictures do the talking yeah?

Just some shopping day~

Wild wild wet!

Last day, heading back to home sweet home

Happy 23rd Birthday my precious baby!

celebrating my baby's birthday at superstar on 17th may,,
the killing night!!
why is it so??
cause the next day we're flying off to singapore and me,
being ''heroin'' try not sleep ends up being a dead 'rabbit!'
our flight is 8.45..
when we reach home, it was about 3??
then i thought, since few more hours i need to wake up and take bath
might as well no need to sleep!!
BUT i fall asleep at 5 something and woke up like 6 A.M!!
it makes me worst,, i couldn't open my eye at all..
luckily my baby did sleep, or else we'll be missing our flight!
and thanks to lagging B who keeps calling me cause i remind him to wake me up
me, baby, ah B, ah B's gf and ah tung..
we went there together..
it was a fun trip =)))


Thursday, May 15, 2008

yippie!! I'm so excited about going Singapore this time!
haha, not because im a 'sua teng' people..
probably it's because of stress-ness so i really NEED a break!
*phew* luckily my manager allow me to have a week off
thanks so muchhhhhhhhh now that i can enjoy myself for a week!
well, nothing really much happen to me days ago..
just, had some dinner with my colleagues and managers++
also Prundential's new.. %*&^#
i don't know what's his position actually,
all i know is that his name is C.K
and N.G + spiderman (Parklas)
at sarawak club yesterday..

That's all for now..